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Liptovský Mikuláš

50 employees from Liptov work hard to ensure that our tasty products reach your kitchen. None of us wants your food to remain unflavored, so our team is perfectly divided into those who take care of the technical operation, the warehouse workers and the employees of the production itself. From the purchase of ingredients that we honestly control, to serving in your kitchen, our products are accompanied by quality and love, which you will recognize right from the first opening of the lid.


Honest production is not the only thing behind our brand. The overall management, including the sales, marketing, economic and sales departments, is constantly working to ensure that our Bratislava team can accept as many orders as possible from you, satisfied customers from all over Slovakia.


Source: TASR

The roots of the production plant of SNICO, s. r.o. are dated back to 1864.

In the current plant in Liptovský Mikuláš, the production of traditional full-fat and Kremžská mustard and later also ketchup began in the early 50s of the last century.
You were able to buy all the products exclusively in glass, until the first plastic bottle arrived in 1996, which ketchup and mustard began to be filled into. Nevertheless, the glass bottle - facet - Royal mustard full-fat and Kremžská 350g remains iconic to this day.

The production of mustard and ketchup has won several important awards throughout its existence. Mustard was produced without colouring, chemicals and preservatives. We protect and preserve this traditional recipe to this day.

In the new millennium, the Develey family company bought from St. Nicolaus part of the production, namely the delicacies division, i.e. the production of mustard and ketchup. Our company has started a new stage under the established SNICO brand and continues in the original production process, where it gradually innovates technology and brings other products and innovations to the market.

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