We walk with the best and thanks to that we stay on the market. We take steps to constantly improve production processes, to a sustainable and responsible way of production, which is part of the company's philosophy.

Return to traditions, nature
and regional roots

SNICO consists of three basic pillars - people, nature and regional roots. It is important for us that every mustard has its own home. We are proud that your favorite is made right here, which gives the people of Liptov a job.


We follow current trends in modern technologies and promote targeted innovations and continuous process optimization. Our production facilities are undergoing gradual modernization with regard to environmental aspects.

Customer satisfaction

We do everything honestly and with love so that the customer finds great taste, quality and love under every lid of our product. The consumer is always in the first place for us. Every stimulus and feedback is an impulse for us to constantly improve.

and sustainability

They are among the most important values and principles that form the main concept of the company. We strive to connect people, work with a partner school and lead people to sustainable behavior. We support projects that help protect the environment.


Quality is what accompanies the SNICO brand at every step. From the collection of raw materials to distribution to your favorite foods. And we owe this to our employees in particular. The intention for us is to continue to maintain and deepen the awareness of our customers, suppliers, business partners, government agencies and the general public as a concept of quality in the production of ketchup and mustard. Our many years of experience and continuous improvement of product quality and other activities build the company SNICO, s.r.o. - tradition and quality.


You, our customers and consumers, are the focus of our attention. Therefore, we are committed to offering you products and services that meet your requirements and preferences and will also contribute to proper nutrition.


We can guarantee the quality of every product that is on your desk, especially thanks to our employees and their quality work. That is why we place great emphasis on their working environment, safety and health, education and motivation to achieve high quality. At the same time, our employees at various levels in the field of quality are the guardians of quality, food safety and compliance with all applicable requirements of food legislation. The company's management is responsible for the appropriate setting of the system of critical points and for creating the conditions for its continuous improvement in the area of product and service quality, environmental care and occupational health.


Our company emphasizes full compliance with binding standards and adherence to the principles of the quality management system, including quality requirements, food safety and food legislation at all stages of the value chain. Our quality management system complies with international standards and its full transparency is ensured and verified by independent external entities. Our company is committed to treating all employees in an ethical manner and requires ethical behavior from them as well. We strive to be perceived as a stable entity achieving favorable economic results. We understand quality as a means to better economic results of the company, which benefits both customers and employees.
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