preparation time:  
45 min
 | number of servings:  
 | difficulty:  



Ingredients for the dough:


250g flour

5g baking powder

5g oregano

60 ml of beer

Ingredients for spicy mayonnaise:


15 ml TABASCO® Pepper Sauce

250g mayonnaise

15 ml of lime juice

Ingredients on the filling:


15 ml TABASCO® Jalapeño Sauce

25 ml of lime juice - to taste

15-30 g of white cabbage cut into narrow strips

1 avocado sliced into strips

75 g of feta cheese

25 g of sliced ​​fresh coriander - or parsley

40 g of radish

Other ingredients:


300g fillet of preferred fish (eg trout)

10 pcs (or 5 pcs - depending on the thickness) of tortillas with a diameter of 16 cm

Mix all the ingredients for the hot mayonnaise.

Mix all the ingredients on the filling and taste, taste as needed.

Mix all the dry ingredients for the dough, add the beer, mix thoroughly until the dough rises.

We wrap the diced fish fillet in a little flour and wrap it in a pastry.

We roast until golden.

Let's heat the torillas in the oven to soften them.

We cover 2 pieces of tortillas, so we create a 2-layer tortilla to prevent it from getting wet. If we have tortillas thick enough, we will skip this step.

Add the filling, fried fish fillet and spicy mayonnaise to the tortillas.

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